Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board

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graduate Institutions


  1. Kishinchand Chellaram College
    (K.C. College)
    Establishment Year : 1954
    Principal : Ms. Manjula J. Nichani
  2. Kishinchand Chellaram Law College
    (K.C. Law College)
    Establishment Year : 1955
    I/C. Principal : Dr. (Mrs.) Sunita Khariwal
  3. K.C. College of Management Studies
    (K.C. C.M.S)
    Establishment Year : 1960
  4. Hassaram Rijhumal College of Commerce & Economics
    (H.R. College)
    Establishment Year : 1960
    I/C. Principal : Prof. Parag Thakkar

Cuffee Parade

  1. Principal K.M. Kundnani College of Pharmacy
    (K.M.K. Pharmcy)
    Establishment Year : 1971
    Principal : Dr. (Mrs.) Urmila Joshi


  1. Bombay Teachers’ Training College
    Establishment Year : 1969
    Principal : Dr. (Mrs.) Mintu Sinha


  1. Watumull Institute of Electronic Engineering & Computer Technology
    ( W.I.E.C.T)
    Establishment Year : 1981
    Principal : Dr. (Mrs.) Sunita Sharma


  1. Rishi Dayaram & Seth Hassaram National College & Seth Wassiamull Assomull Science College
    (National College)
    Establishment Year : 1949
    Principal : Dinesh Panjwani
  2. Smt. Mithibai Motiram Kundnani College of Commerce & Economics
    (M.M.K. College)
    Establishment Year : 1961
    Principal : Dr. A.C. Vanjani
  3. Gopaldas Jhamatmal Advani Law College
    (G J Advani Law College)
    Establishment Year : 1977
    Principal : Dr. (Mrs.) Kavita Lalchandani
  4. Thadomal Shahani Engineering College
    Establishment Year : 1983
    Principal : Dr. Gopakumaran Thanmpi


  1. Smt. Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College
    (C.H.M. College)
    Establishment Year : 1965
    I/C. Principal : Dr. (Mrs.) Manju Lalwani Pathak
  2. Principal K.M. Kundnani Pharmacy Polytechnic
    (K.M. Pharma Polytech)
    Establishment Year : 1971
    Principal : Dr. C.V. Achhra


  1. S.H.Mansukhani Institute of Technology
    Establishment Year : 1985
    Principal : A.B. Patil
  2. Nari Gursahani Law College
    (N.G. Law College)
    Establishment Year : 2005
    Principal : Dr. (Mrs.) Nilima Chandiramani


  1. Shri Hashmatrai & Gangaram Himathmal Mansukhani Institute of Management
    Establishment Year : 2005
    Principal : Dr. (Mrs.) Swati Sabale, Director



The Schools at Grant Road established originally as Master’s Tutorial High School in 1909 in a small bungalow type house known as Petit House of Boys and the ‘Red Home’ for girls, was subsequently taken over by our Management in the year 1980. Now the building at Nana Chowk where these Schools are functioning is known as Saraswati Mandir and following Schools are functioning therein. All the Schools under the abled guidance and whole hearted support of the Management are progressing well.

These are Master Sitaldas Punwani Tutorial High School, Valiram Bherumal Melwani Model High School, Sind Model English Primary School and Little Angles Academy.It is a matter of Pride that inspite of the Children coming to the School are from economically weaker section of the Society, with majority of them being the first generation learners, we have introduced latest methods of teaching by providing Audio Visual Rooms, Computer Laboratories where in Computer education is provided right from Std I.Besides keeping pace with latest technology, we have introduced the E-Interactive Program which is very effective specially for the kind of Children we have i.e. coming from totally illiterate background. Thus, we are providing them the facilities which are generally found in the Schools where Children are able to pay high amount of fees. It is again a matter of great pride that the Schools have yielded rich fruits by producing men of great achievements, men who have occupied very high positions in their profession. To name a few Chief Presidency Magistrate Mr.K.J.Khanbatta, Mr.Dharamsey Mulraj Khaitan an eminent Business magnate, Dr.Homi Mehta, the Police Sergeant, Mr.Nani Palkhiwalla and Mr.Kolah, two of the leading lawyers of Bombay High Court, Piloo Palia, K.C. Ebhrahim and Meherhomji, well known cricketers, Malcom the champion cyclist, Rusi Gandhi the world Cyclist and many more eminent personalities including our Trustee and President Mr.Kishu H Mansukhani.

Grant Road

  1. Master Sitaldas Punwani Tutorial High School
    Establishment Year : 1905
  2. Valiram Bherumal Melwani Model High School
    Establishment Year : 1947
  3. Sind Model English Primary School
    Establishment Year : 1947
  4. Little Angels Academy
    Establishment Year : 2005


  1. Shri Gangaram Sind National High School & Jr. College
    Establishment Year : 1949
  2. Smt. K.S.P. Jai Hind Academy High School & Jr. College
    Establishment Year : 1954
  3. Shri Gangaram Sind National Sindhi Primary School
    Establishment Year : 1949


  1. Jashanmal Kishinchand Shringi English Primary School
    Establishment Year : 1954
  2. Shri Gangaram Sind National English School
    Establishment Year :1988