The Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board has established and is managing 27 institutes of higher learning. All these institutes, though under the management of HSNC Board but each of them has an independent entity. To become acquainted with efforts put in by the various institutions, it was decided to come out with e-magazine which would provide a common platform for informing, motivating and engaging all the stakeholders, board members, faculty, students and other friends of the HSNC Board, by presenting a stimulating portrait of the various institutions that together make this HSNC Board a family. Through this, our institutes together will provide an opportunity to understand our strengths and learn from the best practises and achievements of other institutes and at the same time identify what truly makes each one of us unique. This magazine endeavours to reflect the values and the quality of the HSNC Board institutions itself and aspire all of us with the accomplishments of our HSNC family.