Mr. Lal Chellaram is one of the Trustees of HSNC Board. He was born in Hyderabad (Sind), in undivided India, completed his education in England, graduating in Economics from University of London. He is the grandson of Seth Kishinchand Chellaram. Seth Kishinchand Chellaram helped Principal Kundnani, the founding father of Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board, who along with Barrister Hotchand Advani, approached him for funds to establish a college in Mumbai after the partition of India. Seth Kishinchand Chellaram helped with the seed money by giving a donation and due to his magnanimous and timely help, the Board honoured him by naming two colleges after him i.e. Kishinchand Chellaram College and Kishinchand Chellaram Law College, both at Churchgate, established in 1954 and 1955 respectively. Today K.C. and K.C. Law college buildings stand as a fitting memorial to the revered memory of Seth Kishinchand Chellaram.

Mr. Lal Chellaram heads the Kishinchand Chellaram Educational Trust. For the past several decades the Trust has been helping thousands of needy children acquire higher education. Mr. Lal Chellaram established the Chellaram Foundation in India, a public charitable organisation, in loving memory of Late Kishinchand Chellaram and Bhai Lokumal Chellaram. Mr. Lal Chellaram is the chairman of 5 charity foundations across the globe.

Mr. Lal Chellaram has been at the helm of various companies in Hong Kong, Far East, India, UK, USA, Europe, Gibraltar, Japan and Africa during the last 4 decades.

Realizing the plight of millions of diabetic patients, he has established a multi-purpose, state-of-the-art Chellaram Diabetes Institute (CDI) in Pune – a private non-profit organization which is a unit of the Chellaram Foundation – with a vision to help expert medical and scientific researchers and Educators make an impact on diabetic treatment for the 80 million known Diabetics in India.

He is the Chairman of Chellaram Shipping. From their headquarters in Hong Kong – an international hub of maritime activity in the most dynamic region of the world – they provide full commercial, technical and crewing services using the latest IT and communications technology. Today Chellaram Shipping owns and manages a large fleet of modern and versatile dry-bulk carriers.