Mr. Kishu H. Mansukhani was born in Karachi, then a part of India. His father, Diwan Hashmatrai Mansukhani was Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, who resigned from his coveted post during freedom fighting – Quit India Movement.

Mr. Mansukhani is a Graduate in Mechanical Engineering and Management Studies from USA. He was selected as a member of small group to establish exports for Tata Group – Telco Exports, which later became Tata Exports. He was working with Tata Engineering Company (TELCO) in senior capacity, incharge of International Marketing of Tata vehicles, associate engineering products. During his 30 years tenure with Tata Group, he travelled nearly 100 countries in Middle East, South East Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. He established dealer network and branch offices for the group companies. Mr. Mansukhani created close working relationship with many foreign distinguished personalities including Presidents and Ministers. For recognition of his distinguished work in marketing of Tata Mercedes Benz products, he was given citation by German Chamber of Commerce. He is also a recipient of awards from Presidents of Uganda and Seychelles.

During Sixties and till late Eighties, when the exports of specialized engineering products from India were rare, Mr. Mansukhani as Head of Export Marketing of Tata Motors, pioneered export of Indian made engineering products, commercial vehicles, sophisticated heavy duty products and assisted in setting up projects overseas.

For his exemplary work , he was posted 7 years in New York, USA, as CEO, an International company under Tata Inc., NY. He finalized joint ventures for Tata Group and substantially helped in increasing export of Group’s products.

In USA, Mr. Mansukhani was very active in social and cultural activities, particularly with Indian community. He was one of the founder members for establishing New York-Asian-American Lions Club under the International Association of Lions Club. This Club was created by Mr. Mansukhani and his friends due to social discrimination of Indians in other Clubs. Similarly, he also actively took up strongly with Government of India for deleting words in Passport “Born in Pakistan” to “Then India / Undivided India”.

He served three terms President of Asian-American Lions Club and was appointed as Zone Chairman of New York and Bermuda Island Chapter. In recognition of his remarkable work for “Sight for Sightless” program he was honoured with award from District Governor of International Lions Club Association.

Mr. Mansukhani was active member of Association of Indians in America Inc., which organizes every year Deepavali Festival at famous South Sea Port of New York city. This festival attracted thousands of non-Indians and made them aware of the beauty of Indian culture and cuisine.

After returning from USA, he was invited by Pallonji Group to be Consultant for setting up Tata Motors Assembly products in Tehran, Iran.

Mr. Mansukhani started retail marketing and consultancy business in Pune, representing various international brands, which is currently managed by his son, Keshab.

He was invited to join HSNC Board in 1974. His family has been associated with Hyderabad (Sind) National College Board from its inception in Sindh and has contributed substantially to the Board. Smt. Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College named after his grandmother, is largest College in University of Mumbai. Another college, Mansukhani Institute of Management, is named after his father and uncle which is the only Post Graduate College under HSNC Board. His family has also contributed for establishment of various Libraries, Auditoriums and Primary & Secondary Schools of the HSNC Board, including land for CHM campus.

Mr. Mansukhani is actively involved in social and humanitarian activities in India and heads Charitable Trusts which have over the period of a quarter century assisted in rehabilitating many individuals and families through education.

Mr. Mansukhani is also associated with Sadhu Vaswani Mission and has felicitated to establish K.K. Eye Institute, Pune, which does research in their field and has conducted nearly 2 lakhs operations free of cost in Maharashtra and surrounding areas.

He is also founder member and three times President of International Sindhu Chamber of Commerce in Pune which was established with the blessings of Revered Dada Vaswani. The Chamber connects Business persons from all over the world.

Due to his social and humanitarian work, Dada Vaswani complimented him by writing to him “God needs instruments of help and healing in this world of tragedy and tears. I love to think of you as one such instrument.”